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Highlights 2013

Dre Israel - Friday, June 07, 2013

I have to say that it doesn't get much better then that.  One of the best snow seasons on record to date and there is talk of opening up for summer skiing on the col de Genciane due to all the extra snow we've been having in May.  We will keep you posted on that.  In the meantime we would like to express our thanks to our sponsors, Dakine, TSG, Spy optics, Komperdell, Mammut and of course Nitro snowboards and all of you for making it happen.  A few pics below of some highlights of the season.  Enjoy the summer sun and hope to see you all again next season, if not before.





Fresh Tracks: Off Piste Snowboard School Verbier, Avalanche Training, Guiding, Coaching

March 14th Backside

Dre Israel - Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mid March and we're still finding some great snow here in Verbier.  With a few small hikes the recent snowfall has made for some great days on the mountain for Jeff and Neil.  Staying high and above the clouds we were able to enjoy some fresh lines with great weather while the town of Verbier remained under the clouds.  More snow forecasted for after the weekend followed by cold temperatures making for great conditions for the Easter holidays.




Fresh Tracks: Off Piste Snowboard School Verbier, Avalanche Training, Guiding, Coaching

Avalanche Report 23rd Dec. 2012

Dre Israel - Sunday, December 23, 2012

Danger description

As a consequence of the sometimes storm force wind extensive snow drift accumulations have formed. These can be released easily or naturally. Avalanches can be triggered in the faceted old snow and reach medium size. This applies on west, north and east facing slopes above approximately 2200 m. Individual avalanches capable of reaching the valley bottom are possible. The conditions are unfavourable for winter sport activities outside marked and open pistes.

Wet avalanches

Numerous full-depth and wet avalanches are to be expected, including medium-sized ones. This applies in all aspects below approximately 2200 m. Exposed parts of transportation routes are endangered.

Fresh Tracks: Off Piste Snowboard School Verbier, Avalanche Training, Guiding, Coaching

Nitro Freeride Boards 2013!!

Dre Israel - Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nitro Pantera 2013:

The Pantera is synonymous with high performance all mountain riding. It’s been designed to deliver speed and control in the most varying conditions. The 2013 model has been completely redesigned from the ground up with all-new shapes and construction upgrades to make this the best Pantera ever.

Nitro Blacklight 2013:

Hands down, there isn’t a better-built board to perform an all out attack on the mountain. This has been the Team’s go to board, thanks to its universal mid-wide shape, ultra light materials and mind altering response.

For more info on all of Nitro's products go to:


Lifts Open!! 2nd November Verbier

Dre Israel - Saturday, November 03, 2012

The sun was shining and there was enough snow for Televerbier to open some of the lifts for the first day of the season and what a day.  With over half a meter of fresh snow up top combined with the snow cannons the slopes of Lac des Veaux were in perfect winter condition.  The slope down to Les Ruinettes was not groomed but had plenty of snow cover to ride down without hitting any rocks, well as long as you stayed on the normal pisted areas.  Off piste you had to be careful but there was plenty of spots to put in the first Fresh Tracks of the season.  

The Off Piste areas around Lac Des Veaux and Les Ruinettes:



The Pistes of Lac des Veaux:


October 29th Verbier. The storm has passed.

Dre Israel - Monday, October 29, 2012

Well our first real winter storm has now passed and the sun has decided to show itself today.  Verbier has been covered by about 15cm in resort and about 30cm up top.  It was only just last weekend we were enjoying the last of the warm weather at 23°C and this weekend we are enjoying our first real blue bird day and temperatures at a minimum of -6°C.  I think we can clearly say that winter has arrived and is here to stay.  Televerbier has stated that the first lifts should be opening around mid to late November depending on temperatures.  Not long now!

Verbier this morning:



Fresh Tracks: Off Piste Snowboard School Verbier, Avalanche Training, Guiding, Coaching

October 28th Snowfall in Verbier

Dre Israel - Sunday, October 28, 2012

We're having a substantial amount of snowfall for this time of year and it's continuing to snow.  The vibe here in Verbier is starting to pick up and there is much talk of winter already, even saw a few keen skiers today heading up the mountain on their skins.  The snow is filling in nicely now up high making for great early season off piste conditions at altitude.  We've also had lots of interest in our new 4 day avalanche safety camp for skiers and snowboarders (details on site under courses) and is almost fully booked so if you're keen on learning more about mountain safety then do let us know soon to book your place.  Wishing you all a great winter 2012 / 2013 and hope to share some memorable off piste adventures with you all whether that be skiing or snowboarding.  

Verbier this morning:



Fresh Tracks: Off Piste Snowboard School Verbier, Avalanche Training, Guiding, Coaching

Jeremy Jones new movie "Further"

Dre Israel - Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Coming out in September 2012 the movie "Further" with Jeremy Jones is the second of his trilogy, Deeper, Further, Higher.  This is a must see for any off piste ski or snowboard enthusiast.  

Check out the trailer below.

Fresh Tracks: Off Piste Snowboard School Verbier, Avalanche Training, Guiding, Coaching

The Search for the Perfect Descent

Dre Israel - Friday, June 29, 2012

Every time I set foot off piste I feel like I've stepped through some kind of portal and entered into a completely different world. That first day after a storm has passed when the sun decides to show itself again, the snow peaked tops are like pristine crystals and the air, bitter cold. Leaving the pistes and man made structures behind on a day like that I enter into a world of glistening beauty and purity, it is here I search for the “perfect descent”.

Ever since I learned to make my first turns on a snowboard I was hooked. I couldn't believe how good it felt to be sliding down a mountain with such amazing scenery all around me. The better I became, the better the feeling. All I wanted to do was to improve and keep experiencing this amazing feeling I was having. I constantly wanted to ride a little bit faster, go a little bit steeper, bigger and further into the deep untracked snow knowing the amazing feeling I was going to get.

During the last 23 years I can say that I've experienced that ultimate ride or “perfect descent” quite a few times. There is something very spiritual about that first descent, with the perfect conditions, when everything flows without effort and your line is chosen to perfection. Those moments while at the bottom looking up at my own artwork are true bliss.

Your perception changes after a descent like this as what I once thought was perfect has now advanced. To experience another moment like this I would have to demand more from the mountain and my own technical ability. I would have to take my snowboarding to the next level and push my limits further then I ever thought possible to keep chasing that incredible feeling.

So here I am today still hooked on that same feeling from years ago and still in pursuit of that never ending journey which fills me with new and amazing experiences every time I enter into the mountains.

The search goes on....

Verbier 2012


End of season 2011 / 2012

Dre Israel - Friday, May 18, 2012

Well another season passes by so quickly yet again but we have to say that it was our best season to date by far. The off piste conditions in Verbier definitely made up for last year.  To all our new clients, we thank you for choosing us and hope to be snowboarding with you again next year.  The off piste snowboard coaching and guiding modules were at their best this season making for some memorable days on the mountain.  Before we sign off we had one last ride of the season.  Lifts had closed but the snow continued to fall so we made for one last descent on the 7th of May.  After a 2 hour tour from Verbier to Lac des Veaux, not a person or track in site we put in the last fresh tracks of the season. Photos below.  We will be back on snow early November in Tignes if anyone is around do let us know.  A big thanks to our new sponsors for next season who have put their trust in us, Dakine, Spy, TSG, Komperdell and Nitro.  Thanks to Mammut for their kit for this season and look forward to another venture with them again next season.  To everyone else hope you all have a great summer and hope see you back on the snow next winter. 




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